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Finding Tai Chi:
The Right Instructor Or School

Finding Tai Chi, the right school and instructor, is a well-researched, dedicated, professional overview of what should go into this very important decision. Finding Tai Chi has been created because so many don't know how to pick a teacher and mistakenly look at proximity and cost first. Of course, these are important, but not first. When you find the right teacher based upon the three criteria below, often times, everything else falls into place.

When you are just starting out in your search, it is always difficult to feel secure about your decision, since you may not have a great deal of information on the subject yet. So we have decided to talk about the most important aspects of the decision that every student must make in the order we feel is most relevant.

1. Instructor Competency.The most crucial aspects in learning tai chi, as well as in learning any other martial art, are the instructor's knowledge, both practical and intellectual,wisdom about the subject at hand and his/her ability to teach. The instructor must be able to perceive, to improvise, to impart, to improve, to nurture, to empower, to relate, to demonstrate, to be masterful in teaching and in life. Without these qualities, the student will have some form of empty training, missing the lesson that demonstrates tai chi as a process and a lifestyle, never integrating the tai chi into the practitioner's life.

Bodhidharma B&W

2. Comfortable With The Method.
When Finding Tai Chi instructors, there is nothing like feeling you belong; you are home; you have found the mentor you are looking for; you believe in a teacher with whom you can grow on a disciplined path of commitment.

But usually, you will not have these feelings right away, so you will have to use your judgment. Did you feel good about the lesson you took? Did the teacher start to gain your trust? Did you feel comfortable with the way you were taught?

If you can answer yes to these, you are one step closer to making a choice.

Diane, Instructor

3. Comfortable With The Teacher or School.
No matter what another says, no matter the credentials of a tai chi teacher, no matter how far you have traveled or the personal or financial investment you have made or must make; if you don't feel comfortable with the instructor, the school or the method, trust yourself. Ask questions. The school may be able to provide satisfactory answers. Compare competence, method and comfort levels before anything else. If you have gone to the latest and greatest instructor but don't get a good feeling, keep looking. Just as you must be accepted into the school through an admissions process, the school philosophy, teacher and training has to be acceptable to you.

Be diligent in your research. This training is a high investment in yourself. Keep in mind that you are at the beginning of a glorious journey. It has many components, some that are not so apparent. You have to jump in at some point without all the answers, but this is all the fun! Happy researching!

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