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Tai Chi Locator: How To Find a Tai Chi School or Instructor

A tai chi locator is so important, both for the experienced practitioner and the fledgling beginner. Finding instruction of quality requires patience, research and a little help from experienced professionals. You may be saying, "How can I evaluate what to look for if I am a beginner?"

For this reason, we have compiled a network of qualified instructors who have experience, track record and standards that honor the training they represent. Coming soon will be a web form where you can type your first name or initials, a contact email address and your zip code. From this information, our site will be able to match your location with qualified schools in our network to give you the best options for training.

Although we use a professional screening process to admit teachers and schools to our network, we advise you to follow the simple rules on page two, Finding Tai Chi.

For any further information, Email Diane G for any information about this process.

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