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Corporate Tai Chi is a concept whose place in our economic history is now. The idea of tai chi in business combines the need for daily personal development with the importance of employee recognition and stress management. The program is different from "subject training," where you learn a new topic and file it in your notebook. The really beneficial work is taught by a mentor, someone equipped to lead participants to implement and integrate the knowledge into everyday life.

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Because of the training, participants become advanced, exhilarated, improved, refined and uplifted versions of themselves, rather than "subject students" or observers in someone else's path. The goal of the training is to ignite human growth. This expansion facilitates corporate gain through competence, confidence, gratitude and motivation. Happy employees produce more, have pride, are examples of their company's posture, improve our economy and themselves.

The powerful training proposed here for business is the perfect tool to facilitate both the company and the employee at the same time. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, October, 2003, discusses how tai chi allows for rejuvenation and stress relief as it provides the benefits of aerobic workout without some of its side effects. The addition of this program could decrease the statistics from one major company showing that 60% of their absenteeism was due to psychological, stress-related issues or could reduce the statistic where one million people are absent on an average work day because of stress.

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It is a fact that most employees who embark upon a wellness program do not continue. The most important reason for this is that the incentive to better the self wanes without proper motivation. Continued, on-the-weekly-agenda training offers the complement to the solution. When the training is coupled with time reimbursement, it becomes the most successful innovation in personal development of its time.

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